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Allseating | 2018


Exchange is a modular soft seating system designed to meet the varied needs for soft seating environments within today’s corporate environments. This systemized approach allows designers and their clients to create everything from reception seating, to banquettes, to open plan collaborative enclosures using a concise set of parts. Upcoming additions to the line further extend the utility of the system to enable the creation of workplace destinations that provide high performing soft seating solutions to individuals in non-traditional work environments, such as agile and no-fixed-address offices.


Aside from the seating components, Exchange features a wide variety of accessories including laptop tables, privacy screens, coffee and side tables, storage shelving. and more. A plethora of finishing options for each component allows for extensive customizability to fit within any professional environment.

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The entire Exchange seating system is built upon an injection-molded plastic core which fastens directly to a rigid framework of interchangeable steel stringers. This unique approach allows for easy assembly and maximum flexibility as it gives designers and their clients literally thousands of configurations from which to choose.