Paul’s Corporate Portfolio | Teknion | 2016


The Focus demountable wall was designed to offer maximum versatility in acoustic performance while presenting an elegant, minimal architectural presence. Single centered, offset, and double glass as well as solid fascia all share a common universal leveling profile to simplify specification, installation, and reconfiguration as client needs change. The factory-cut framing elements deliver a precise tailored fit and finish accommodating the variability of a typical installation site. As Teknion's architectural products design director, Paul championed the client's desire for an aesthetically superior wall solution that fully meets the performance requirements of the North American context.


Numerous door options allow for acoustic pairing and alignment with all fascia configurations, providing optimal acoustic performance across the entire system.


Focus offers single glazing, double glazing and solid fascia options to provide varied levels of acoustic performance to suit any level of visual or acoustic privacy.

Focus 'Universal Platform'.jpg


focus slider.jpg