Nick’s Corporate Portfolio | Teknion | 2012


Interpret is a benching and desking system designed for worldwide manufacture and distribution. This versatile system can create a wide variety of open and enclosed workstations using both imperial and metric hardware. Interpret launched in 2011 and has received top industry design awards and has since remained a core component of Teknion’s benching portfolio. Nick was the senior systems designer on the Teknion design team at this time. On Interpret he was responsible for the overall design direction of the system, the coordination of the design team, as well as the detailed design of: frame structure, work surface, electrical and data management components.

111648-Neocon Brochure-Layout03.jpg
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Bench End Three quarter.jpg

We chose to use metric diameter steel tubes for the Interpret structure. This allowed for the manufacture of the components to take place in any part of the world while cut lengths could be set to imperial standards in North America and metric standards elsewhere. The sliding screens pictured above were an answer to the demands of no fixed address workplaces where the users of the bench, and their needs, change from heads down focus work to more collaborative activities over the course of a day.


The Interpret kit of components was developed to allow clients to vary the configurations from highly enclosed and storage intensive workstations to light, open touch down spaces.


Discreet power access and convenient high volume wire management features were an important part of the Interpret benching product offering. The worksurface above slides forward to reveal a wire basket and slides back into place leaving only a 1/2" reveal along the back edge.

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