Tek Pier
Paul’s Corporate Portfolio | Teknion | 2016


Designing products at Teknion, Paul saw the difficulty in matching the height of a screen that can be user articulated, to their eye height, whether sitting or standing. In Tek Pier this need is elegantly met. It is the industry’s first wall-integrated, height-adjustable worksurface and monitor combination. Mounting to an Altos wall frame, synchronized hidden actuators and a single telescopic leg enable height adjustability, while a low profile articulating monitor mount allows for fluid technology engagement for individuals or group collaboration. Tek Pier is offered in three different worksurface shapes for varying collaborative applications for up to five people.


Tek Pier is offered in three distinct configurations to facilitate technology collaboration in a sit-stand ergonomic environment:

i. Wedge top - Transactional private office: 3 people.
ii. Pie top - Consultative small enclave: 3 people.
iii. Spade top - Collaborative meeting space: 5 people.


The Origami monitor arm design adjusts for individual use or group collaboration, supporting the articulation of large format and touch screen monitors up to 30 degrees.

screen tilted edit.jpg

Tek Pier expresses a minimal, unobtrusive and architectural presence from all viewing angles. This is achieved by the overhanging thin-edge detail, integrated cable routing, single lifting column and clean subsurface. Cables to the monitor are hidden through the Origami Arm. The solid-surface top and anodized aluminum components accentuate Tek Pier’s premium aesthetic.

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The work surface adjustment range is from 24" to 43" providing a flexible and ergonomically supportive collaboration experience for residents of the space or those using it as a meeting room.


The power/data hub was designed to be intuitive to use and capable of handling all the wire management needs of the technology intense modern workplace.

Electrics Closeup.jpg