Nick’s Corporate Portfolio | Teknion | 2015


Before his departure from Teknion, Nick helped set the brief and the detailed design direction for the upStage freestanding workstation system. By this time, in 2013, the latest developments in panel systems had reduced them to little more than freestanding stub walls that retained very little of their original utility within a modern workplace. This new workplace also no longer needed to store reams of paper within binders in panel supported overheads nor did it accept blocking employees from daylight views. upStage asked the question “Why are we still using panels in this new workplace context?”.

4a. Platform Mixed Side.png
4e. Platform Storage - End.png

The freestanding platform construction of this system supports height adjustable worksurface technology, stacked storage and screens and completely rethinks power distribution. Instead of requiring punch-outs in panel fascia for electrical access, power boxes attach to and slide along a track, allowing for easier addition, removal and repositioning of employees and their furniture along the spine as their needs change over time.

platrform - couble electricsedit.jpg

The power and data handling features within upStage are the most innovative aspects of the system. Rather than being limited in location to where punchouts are placed in covering fascia, upStage electrics and data can be situated at any point along a track that also serves as a wire management trough. This vastly simplifies the addition, removal and relocation of electrical and data access along a spine in response to changes in workstation size, user needs and head count.